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Tincup Whiskey Taste ProfileStats – 42% alcohol, MGP whiskey bottled in Denver, CO
Price – $27
Color – Mid amber
Nose – Light and sweet, slighty fruity and melon
Palate – The whiskey news has been bringing a few things to the forefront in the last couple of weeks as well as raising a few questions to whiskey consumers, like: “Who’s making this stuff?” Unfortunately many new craft distilleries are concentrating on marketing more than distilling. Brands like Templeton have come under fire for sourcing there booze from large industrial distilleries (MGP is a large eaxample) and reselling it under their own label. This is exactly what Tincup does as well. While adding “pure rocky mountain water” and bottling it in Denver passes as making it a Colorado product, it was still distilled in Indiana. But, I think this draws some undue focus, after all I think savvy consumers will agree that they are more concerned with how a whiskey tastes than its pedigree.

On that note, Tincup has figs and brown sugar that make it warm and sweet. There’s also a good dose of cinnamon sticks. Dried apricots and cherries round out the fruity side with dry oak tannins and citrus peel keeping everything in balance. A sherry sweetness and an oily nuttiness add some dimension. The low alcohol content keeps this whiskey easy to drink and the price tag makes it easy to enjoy!

Tincup Whiskey Tastes Like:

  1. Jefferson’s Reserve – Very Old (91%)
  2. Sullivans Cove – Double Cask (91%)
  3. Four Roses – Single Barrel (86%)


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