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Teeling – Small Batch

Teeling Small Batch Irish Whiskey Taste ProfileStats – 46% alcohol, finished in Rum barrels, blended whiskey, Dublin, Ireland
Price – $55
Color – Golden straw
Nose – Sweet and floral
Palate – Teeling a familiar name to Irish whiskey (who started the Cooley distillery in 1987 and rekindled the craft of whiskey making in Ireland after a century of absence and is now part of the Beam / Suntory portfolio) has a long tradition of distilling that spans over 230 years [read more on the Teeling history]. This whiskey is light and a little sweet up front with hints of dates and caramel. This trails into a perfume and floral note. The finish has more backbone with rich fruits and nuts, a salty sea-spray tang makes it almost like trail mix. It’s a bit dry and astringent, but also has good bit of ginger spice and a wintergreen mint lingering at the back palate. A faint bit of resinous pine. The rum cask finishing helps bring in more charm and character than you usually find from Irish whiskey, plus a dimensionality you rarely find from blends. This is a nice sipper from the Emerald Isle, snag this over at Master of Malt.


  1. Bowman Brothers – Small Batch (87%)
  2. Old Potrero -18th Century Whiskey (87%)
  3. Redbreast 12 Year (85%)


Teeling - Small Batch sample.

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