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Talisker 57° North

Talisker 57deg North Taste Profile
Stats – 57% alcohol, Island
Price – $90
Color – Straw
Nose – Cereal, white grapes, and a little apple.
Palate – Named for the latitude of Talisker’s distillery on the Isle of Skye (where the opening scenes of Prometheus were filmed).  Much like the newest of the Alien movies, this is interesting right from the beginning, and no, we don’t know what that black goo was either.  Very rich, sweet white grapes and barely any heat, surprising for the proof.  It’s hard to believe this is 57% alcohol!  Buttery, a little beeswax and a slight floral hint.  The spice builds a touch as it sits.  This is really good stuff!


  1. Glenmorangie Astar (87%)
  2. Edradour 10 Year – 1999 Sauternes Cask (83%)
  3. Longmorn 18 Year – Signatory (80%)

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