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Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey

Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey Taste Profile
Stats – 47% alcohol, non-chill filtered, aged in new charred oak, batch #51
Price – $60
Color – Deep amber
Nose – Sweet and oak, almost like coconut
Palate – Smooth and sweet with just a hint of coconut like a well aged rum.  Spice at the midpoint is not too strong and is barely like licorice or rye.  A touch of bitterness and a bit dry or oaky.  Dark fruit makes an appearance as well as expected from a good bourbon.  This is a good standby whiskey, always good for a quick sip.


  1. Dailuaine 11 Year – Gordon & MacPhail (86%)
  2. Noah’s Mill (86%)
  3. Balvenie 17 Year Rum Cask (83%)

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