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Oola – Waitsburg Bourbon

Oola - Waitsburg Bourbon Taste Profile

Stats – 47% alcohol, 4 grain mashbill bourbon blended with sourced bourbon, Batch 2 Case 12, from Seattle, WA
Price – $40
Color – Chestnut
Nose – Light, but rich brown sugar with leather and tobacco, a hint of spice and mint
Palate – From Seattle’s Oola Distillery, this bourbon hails from a part of the USA renowned for its rainy weather.  But, in my experience a persistent gray climate means two things, good coffee and good booze.  Waitsburg Bourbon doesn’t disappoint.  Deep and buttery rich with a spicy note coming in ant the midpoint.  A touch of bitter orange marmalade leads into a ripe and fruity finish that blooms with bright citrus and plums.  The long end of the finish brings in a dry but sweet caramel flavor.  This one isn’t over-oaked, just tamed, so plenty of the complex rye spice and stone fruit qualities are still the focus.  The afterglow has a hint of resinous camphor and mint peaking through just as it’s time for another sip.  This one is very well balanced and nuanced.


  1. Willett Single Barrel Rye (83%)
  2. Jefferson’s Reserve – Very Old (83%)
  3. Elmer T. Lee (81%)

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