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Old Potrero – 18th Century Whiskey

Old Potrero - 18th Century Whiskey Taste Profile

Stats – 51.2% alcohol, 100% rye, aged for 2.5 years, San Francisco, CA
Price – $70
Color – Light amber
Nose – Pine, menthol, and astringent
Palate – This whiskey was producing by Anchor Distilling (the same Anchor behind the excellent Steam Beer) and following traditional production techniques and a small copper pot still. This one is spicy! Not too surprising considering the all rye mashbill, but it also has minty quality to it. The finish is slightly bitter and a bit yeasty. Considering the price, I think this one doesn’t stand out a whole lot for me. While the experimentation and effort is something to be respected, I feel like Anchor’s real talents lie in the beer world.


  1. Redbreast 12 Year (83%)
  2. Cardhu 12 Year (79%)
  3. Bowman Brothers – Small Batch (79%)

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