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Noah’s Mill

Noah's Mill Taste Profile
Stats – 57% alcohol, aged in new charred oak, batch 09-148, from Kentucky Bourbon Distillers
Price – $55
Color – Very dark amber
Nose – Sweet and maple
Palate – Much like a concentrated Rowan’s Creek, also from the talented folks at Kentucky Bourbon Distillers (part of the Willett family of brands).  The added proof goes a long ways here.  It is sweet from the beginning, but also rich and nutty.  The body has a spicy character, almost rye-like.  But cherries and plums take the attention of the body here.  A nice warm brown sugar at the finish mellows down the remainders of the spice and alcohol burn.  A fabulous bourbon!


  1. Hudson Manhattan Rye (93%)
  2. Balvenie 17 Year Rum Cask (92%)
  3. Dailuaine 11 Year – Gordon & MacPhail (91%)

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