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Lagavulin 16 Year

Lagavulin 16 Year Taste Profile
Stats – 43% alcohol, Islay
Price – $65
Color – Dark amber
Nose – Smoke and peat, some cereal sweetness with a little fruit
Palate – At the bookends this has a nice bourbon-like fruitiness.  The midpoint is dry and complex.  Maybe just a bit of waxiness.  The finish also brings out some astringency that seems to mask some of the peat.  The finish is delicate, but long and fruity.  There is just a hint of black pepper spice, and some oak from the barrel, both of which mellow as it breathes in the glass.  A well balanced whisky, it’s no surprise this is a go-to for many Islay fans.


  1. Bowmore 18 Year (82%)
  2. Monkey Shoulder (75%)
  3. Scapa 16 Year (73%)

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