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Koval – Lion’s Pride Dark Wheat

Koval - Lion's Pride Dark Wheat Taste Profile

Stats – 40% alcohol, Chicago, IL
Price – $45
Color – Amber
Nose – Light and sweet
Palate – Coming from the first distillery in Chicago since Prohibition and a ubiquitous source of distilling knowledge for the craft spirits movement. Koval usually focuses on making whiskeys from single grains (as opposed to bourbon which uses several), in this case wheat. This is the mellowest of the Lion’s Pride range. Less floral than its cousins, this one is a also bit dry and has a little oak taste from the barrel. While smooth, this may be tip into being too slight in character or depth, but fans of wheat whiskeys should definitely give it a try.


  1. Cedar Ridge (89%)
  2. FEW Bourbon (86%)
  3. Glengoyne 10 Year (85%)


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