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Kings County Bourbon

Kings County Bourbon Taste Profile

Stats – 45% alcohol, Brooklyn, NY
Price – $23 for 200mL
Color – Dark amber with a tinge of red
Nose – Sweet and smoky charcoal
Palate – The first licensed distillery in New York City since Prohibition, Kings County started in a Brooklyn apartment in 2010. It has since moved into the Paymaster Building of the Brooklyn Navy Yard. This whiskey has a very unique almost maple flavor. It’s rich and a little savory, maybe a little salty. It tastes like corn is high on the mash-bill which gives this whiskey a great sweetness, it also has a touch of rye spice. The smoke here is less like earthy peat and more like campfire charcoal (presumably from a heavily charred barrel). The finish is long and smooth. Well made stuff from rising stars in the craft whiskey movement (also their new book is worth checking out as well).


  1. Yoichi 12 Year (80%)
  2. Highland Park 18 Year (73%)
  3. Scapa 16 Year (73%)

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