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Journeyman Ravenswood Rye

Journeyman Ravenswood Rye Taste Profile

Stats – 45% alcohol, Three Oaks, MI
Price – $48
Color – Rich amber
Nose – Sweet and spicy rye grain
Palate – Named after the neighborhood in Chicago which houses the massively influential Koval distillery where Journeyman’s distiller was trained in 2010. Very rich and smooth and not overly spicy like most ryes making this a perfect entry for the bourbon fan.  Lots of character here, nice warm cinnamon notes and spicy licorice, but well handled and perfectly complex, almost unbelievably rich.  This is one of the best ryes on the market, do yourself a favor and seek this microdistillery‘s stuff out!

  1. FEW Rye (86%)
  2. Hudson Manhattan Rye (82%)
  3. FEW Bourbon (79%)

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