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High West – American Prairie Reserve

High West - American Prairie Reserve Taste Profile

Stats – 46% alcohol, blend of two straight bourbons, batch #7, bottle #1311, Park City, Utah
Price – $40
Color – Rich maple
Nose – Spicy and sweet, cherry cordials
Palate – Just in case the Mormons from High West‘s backyard of Park City have you feeling guilty about your drinking ways, this one is ready to assuage that shame. 10% of the proceeds are being donated to its namesake American Prairie Reserve in northeastern Montana. This drink is a blend of a 6 year bourbon (75% corn, 20% rye, and 5% barley) with a 10 year bourbon (60% corn, 35% rye, and 5% barley). You can taste the rye’s influence on the mashbill in the blend.  It has a nice smooth spice to it, but still keeps the traditional bourbon taste profile with lots of sweet cherry flavors. A vanilla nougat note is there, with the corn it lends a candy corn sweetness. The age is noticeable and pleasant amount of oak and dry bitterness comes through. Some cinnamon and allspice linger in the back-palate.  The finish is a little dry, but still rich and pleasing. Not bad at all, plus you can one-up your drinking buddies by telling them that you are helping to preserve the American West’s prairie lands one sip at a time.


  1. Hudson Manhattan Rye (85%)
  2. Elmer T. Lee (84%)
  3. Sullivans Cove – Double Cask (84%)

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