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Greenore 8 Year

Greenore 8 Year Taste ProfileStats – 40% alcohol, Single Grain Whiskey (100% corn), Bourbon cask aged, Ireland
Price – $50
Color – Golden Straw
Nose – Light, fresh apples
Palate – Part of the Cooley family of products (which also includes Connemara, Kilbeggan, and Tyrconnel), now owned by Beam Inc. This corn whiskey from Greenore is very light, but sweet and little grassy. The finish trails into sweet raw honey and crisp apples. The midpoint has some dry tannins and oak. The astringency and slight iodine character is balanced with a hint of acidity. Lemon pith and soapy ginger, and the faintest wisp of peat smoke and a dose of black pepper. The traditional triple distillation of Irish whiskey may have stripped out some of the character, but otherwise this is a very pleasant whiskey. If you usually drink vodka and typically find whiskey to be overpowering, this is right up your alley, but may be lacking in backbone for those drinking the brown stuff on the regular.


  1. Dry Fly – Bourbon 101 (88%)
  2. Glenfarclas 15 Year (87%)
  3. Redbreast 12 Year (86%)


Still can’t make up your mind about this one? Then try a sample from Drinks by the Dram over at Master of Malt!

Greenore 8 Year - Sample

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