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Glengoyne 10 Year

Glengoyne 10 Year Taste Profile
Stats – 43% alcohol, Highland
Color – Light golden
Nose – Sweet and earthy, slight white grape
Palate – In the 1960s scientists, clearly influenced by The Incredible Hulk, pointed gamma rays at barley rather than Bruce Banner and produced a higher yield grain they called Golden Promise.  Glengoyne is one of only two distilleries to use the grain for whisky (Macallan is the other). Ironically, instead of making a giant green rage-a-holic comic character, they make a Scotch that has a pleasant and mellow cereal sweetness.  Malty and earthy tastes slide in at the midpoint with an almost salty back note.  Barely spicy with a zesty lemon rind, with the sweetness it plays more like a golden raisin flavor.  Very light and fresh, but this whisky still manages some depth and weight.  A long smooth finish is very sweet with caramel on the edges.  This would be great for early spring, fresh and warm with promises of things getting better.


  1. FEW Bourbon (89%)
  2. Glenfarclas 105 (87%)
  3. Koval – Lion’s Pride Dark Wheat (85%)

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