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Four Roses – Single Barrel

Four Roses - Single Barrel Taste Profile

Stats – 50% alcohol, Warehouse: NN Barrel: 4-6F, Barrel No. 3, Aged 4-3-2003 to 10-13-2011, for Jerry’sTabacco Shop
Price – $60
Color – Deep dark reddish brown amber
Nose – Brandied cherries, sweet chocolate and vanilla, like cherry cordials
Palate – Rich and smooth, fills the mouth immediately.  Overflowing with dark fruit flavors.  Some slight bitterness, but the sweetness balances that well.  Some oak and vanilla, also some cocoa.  Just a hint of spice and brown sugar.

  1. Sullivans Cove – Double Cask (93%)
  2. Jefferson’s Reserve – Very Old (87%)
  3. Kirkland Premium Bourbon (86%)


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