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Dancing Pines Bourbon

Dancing Pines Bourbon Taste Profile

Stats – 44% alcohol, Loveland, CO
Price – $45
Color – Maple leaf amber brown
Nose – Dried cherries, figs, and rye
Palate – The folks over at Dancing Pines Distillery may not agree with author F. Scott Fitzgerald that “There are no second acts in American life.” It was started by a former Paramedic Firefighter in Colorado after he decided he “had too much reality.” Made using local ingredients this bourbon has plenty of cherries with warm brown sugar leaping to the forefront. Afterwards, a buttery maple sweetness settles in and some nice rye spices start to simmer with a dry and slightly astringent finish. Some barrel oak and a touch of fresh cracked black pepper round this one out.


  1. Sullivans Cove – Double Cask (82%)
  2. Jefferson’s Reserve – Very Old (80%)
  3. Hudson Manhattan Rye (80%)

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