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Caol Ila 9 Year – Burgundy Cask Finish

Caol Ila 9 Year - Burgundy Cask Finish Taste Profile
Stats – 66.8% alcohol, Signatory Vintage bottling, 9 years old, Bottle #7/282, Cask #06/779/3, Matured in: Hogshead/Burgundy Hogshead, Islay
Price – $65
Color – Deep amber
Nose – Some alcohol (no surprise at almost 134 proof!), some smooth and smoky peat, and a little grape.
Palate – Very smooth up front, the alcohol builds up a bit, but it fills the mouth more than it burns if you let it rest on the tongue for a few seconds.  It’s almost buttery rich.  Warm and slightly sweet.  Iodine and peat start coming to the forefront towards the finish.  Some white grape flavors come along as well, but it’s sweet very much like golden raisins.  The peat firms up and is more bold at the finish.  Very slight hints of caramel corn at the mid-point.  Some spice also.  This stuff is intense!


  1. Ledaig 12 Year – Dun Bheagan (89%)
  2. Ardbeg Corryvreckan (88%)
  3. Kilchoman Summer 2010 (86%)

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