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Bowman Brothers – Small Batch

Bowman Brothers - Small Batch Taste Profile
Stats – 45% alcohol, triple distilled in a copper still, from A. Smith Bowman Distillery in Fredricksburg, Virginia
Price – $35
Color – Rich reddish brown
Nose – Sweet, oak and a light feint
Palate – Some vanilla and musty grapes with a rich and sweet edge.  Some black pepper spice kicks up and brings a faint acetone flavor, but for this price, that’s hard to avoid.  Yet it is surprising from a triple distilled bourbon.  A rye spice also comes in with some black licorice.  The oak and tannins bring some bitterness and citrus zest and a waxy lanolin soap-like note.


  1. Glenfarclas 15 Year (94%)
  2. Cardhu 12 Year (89%)
  3. Templeton Rye (89%)

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