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Ardbeg – Ardbog

Ardbeg - Ardbog Taste ProfileStats – 52.1% alcohol, sherry cask and bourbon cask aging
Price – $125
Color – Coppery and amber
Nose – Very meaty, salami or prosciutto
Palate – Named as a nod to the bogs where peat is harvested then dried before being fired to dry and smoke the barley used in making their whisky.  This is a vatting of multiple vintages of Ardbeg, over a third of which is aged 10-12 years in Manzanilla Sherry casks, the remainder is aged in several Bourbon casks.  This one is rich and savory with an iodine and sea-spray brine.  While it’s not a heavy-handed heaping pile of peat, Ardbog still has a subtle and pleasant smoky character.  The sherry cask finishing brings in some stone fruit and sweetness.  A touch of citrus zest bitterness rounds things out.  The savory quality of cured and smoked meat gives this Ardeg a unique angle without being gimmicky or lackluster, a worthy addition to their product line.


  • Willett Single Barrel Rye (82%)
  • Eades Anticipation Double Malt – Islay Series 1 (76%)
  • King’s County Distillery Bourbon (76%)

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