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Aberfeldy 21 Year


Aberfeldy 21 Taste Profile
Stats – 40% alcohol, Highland
Price – $135
Color – Straw to pale amber
Nose – Very strong apple smell and a dash of cinnamon spice.
Palate – Very sweet.  Apple and citrus counterpoint the sweetness well.  The body has a nice floral honey sweetness to it while also maintaining a hint of spice at the back of the tongue.  The grains give it a nice cereal flavor, the floral notes bring up alfalfa or heather.  Just a whisper of plum.  The slight hint of iodine fades after it breathes.


  1. Michter’s US*1 (94%)
  2. Buffalo Trace (91%)
  3. Koval Lion’s Pride Oat (85%)

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