With years of experience in medical research and a background in mathematics, it was inevitable that this scientific (if not nerdy) mindset would eventually bleed into our passion for whiskies!

There are hundreds of choices out there and even more opinions. While this makes for a great selection, it also makes it harder for us to find what we want. By understanding how these whiskies taste relative to other more familiar choices, we can give you the confidence to branch out and try something new.

We use techniques forged in bioinformatics and the lab to compare every whiskey on this site. This allows us the rare ability to not only tell you how it tastes, but what other whiskies it tastes like. By sampling and measuring all the whiskies here, we can share this knowledge with you!

How often have you read a review of a whiskey with descriptions like ‘chewy tannins’ or ‘sumptuous leather’, and thought to yourself, “What does that mean?” This isn’t very helpful while you’re standing in the liquor isle.

We know effectively describing how something tastes is not simple, but at the very least it should be informative. That’s why we made this as easy as possible. We show you a visual taste profile, give a brief overview of it’s taste, and make suggestions for alternatives. If you like Whiskey A, then we think you should try Whiskies B, C, or D. It’s that easy!

Let’s get started! Just pick a favorite from The List, and you’re on the way to opening up a new favorite.

It’s a big world – drink it in!

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