Bowmore 15 Year Old Mariner

Bowmore 15 Year Mariner Taste ProfileStats – 43% alcohol
Price – $100 for 1 Liter
Color – Mid amber
Nose – Peat and apples
Palate – Balancing tastes that typically seem to be in opposition with each other is no easy task. But contradiction plays in the favor of this polite Islay sipper. Light and sweet, but still has the full backbone of rich ashy peat smoke. Some dry oak and must at the finish. Apple peels brighten up the mid-palate and counteract the briny sea-side quality. As this one opens, it brings in more raw honey sweetness and a touch more woody oak.

Bowmore 15 Year Old Mariner Tastes Like:

  1. Ardbeg 10 Year Old (89%)
  2. Old Ballantruan – The Peated Malt (89%)
  3. Yoichi 12 Year Old (88%)


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