Old Ballantruan – The Peated Malt

Old Ballantruan - The Peated Malt Taste ProfileStats – 50% alcohol, distilled at Tomintoul, Speyside
Price – $55
Color – Amber
Nose – Rich warm peat with wet campfire and charcoal
Palate – Some argue that you’ve got to take the bad with the good, that the duality of the universe requires this balance with equal parts yin to equal parts yang. For peated whisky lovers this often meant taking the heavy iodine, or “band-aid”, flavor with the deep earthy smoke. Since most peated whisky hails from the small island of Islay, it is hard to avoid the coastal notes from infusing with the whisky, after all, we are a product of our environment. But move the process to another whisky producing region and maybe you can have your cake and eat it too. Old Ballantruan is made at the Tomintoul distillery in the Speyside region. It’s ashy and rich, the peat smoke doesn’t leap out but rather smolders throughout. It’s sweet and honeyed with buttery toffey, and then the earthy and sooty quality takes over. The finish is tangy and a tad bitter, but remains pleasant and smooth. There is also a minty freshness in the backdrop of this whisky. As expected, this one chisels out the sea-side iodine flavor, but keeps the meaty and smoky facets we love. We’ll leave settling the resulting karmic debt of taking too much yin between you and the universe.

Old Ballantuan – The Peated Malt Tastes Like:

  1. Yoichi 12 Year (95%)
  2. Kilchoman – Machir Bay (86%)
  3. Ardbeg Uigeadail (84%)



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