Jefferson’s Reserve – Very Old

Jefferson's Reserve - Very Old Taste Profile

Stats – 45.1% alcohol, straight bourbon from McLain & Kyne, batch #136, bottle #1149, Louisville, KY
Price – $60
Color – Deep amber
Nose – Rum raisin, candied orange peels
Palate – Usually being outwardly fruity in Kentucky isn’t tolerated well.  Unless you’re a bourbon.  Even then you’ll get a pass just this once.  But, this one is more than just fruity, it’s also rich and velvety smooth.  A nice butter and maple brown sugar sweetness melded beautifully into bing cherries and dried prunes.  A slight green apple tang with some cloves nearer the finish.  Rum raisin cake balanced with currants and tart citrus and mild bitterness keep this one for being too sweet.  You can taste the maturity of the oak in the background of this whiskey. While there is no age statement beyond the vague and opaque “Very Old” printed on the bottle, it is designated as a “Straight Bourbon” which tells us that it is at least two years old. This is a great bourbon!


  1. Sullivans Cove – Double Cask (88%)
  2. Four Roses – Single Barrel (87%)
  3. Eagle Rare 10 Year (84%)


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