Sullivans Cove – Double Cask

Sullivans Cove - Double Cask Taste Profile
Stats – 40% alcohol, single malt, aged in bourbon and port casks, made in a copper pot still, Tasmania
Price – $90
Color – Light amber
Nose – Fruity, like ripe bananas, prunes, and sweet port wine
Palate – Given the rate of excise tax on Australian whisky, this is actually a great value for the quality.  Mellow and sweet.  Sullivans Cove has been making whisky in Hobart for nearly 20 years, and the experience shows.  A pleasant fruitiness is matched with a deep and rich quality.  The port wood aging brings out wine and stone fruit, like plums, while the bourbon oak balances with sweet honeyed notes.  The finish is dry like a good red wine, the tannins are present just enough to prompt a second sip.  Early, brown sugar and molasses brings on a rum character.  Apples and a black peppercorn spice.  As it breathes it sweetens up, almost enough to mask the nice port dryness.  Good stuff.


  1. Four Roses – Single Barrel (93%)
  2. Jefferson’s Reserve – Very Old (88%)
  3. Hudson Manhattan Rye (84%)

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