Welcome to WHSKY.wordpress.com

WHSKY.wordpress.com is set up to help you quickly and easily find your next favorite drink! Just pick a current favorite below, or from The List, and we’ll show you a visual taste profile (like a snapshot of its characteristic flavors) and offer a few suggestions of whiskeys with similar taste profiles that we think you should try.  It’s that simple!

How It Works:

All the whiskeys on this site have visual taste profiles that help you quickly see what it tastes like. We break down this taste profile into the four most characteristic flavors:

Sweet – honey, caramel, brown sugar, etc.

Spice – black pepper, cinnamon, clove, etc.

Peat – the smoke and coastal iodine taste typical of Islay Scotches.

Fruit – apple, raisin, pear, etc.

More specific details, like the alcohol content, along with the color, nose, and palate are also presented in more detail below each flavor profile helping to round out the nuances of each whiskey’s experience.

Last but not least, because of this flavor profile, we are able to present alternatives that have very similar tastes. So the next time you can’t find one of your favorites at the bar or at the liquor store, you can quickly track down several suggestions of similar tasting whiskeys!  You’ll never be stuck in the isle of the store looking over the vast choices trying to find the closest one to your favorite.  No more will you have impatient bartenders staring at you while you squint to see what bottles on their shelves!

Let’s head over to The List and get started!

It’s a big world – drink it in!

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